The Church of England

ICT & Business Continuity Strategy

CAS has been working with and assisting the various bodies that make up the Church Commissioners, Archbishops Council, National Church Institutions and The Corporation of the Church House for over 10 years during which time it has completed numerous projects, including:

  • the design, specification and implementation of a network for voice and data capabilities for over 550 persons over now 5 sites
  • relocation and decant on four occasions to facilitate major building improvement works
  • the management of all aspects of cabling infrastructure design and implementation associated with these moves
  • negotiations with network suppliers and building contractors
  • involvement with the Business Continuity strategy
  • work with and on behalf of the Church Commissioners’ tenants in telecoms matters
  • development and delivery of new and emerging technologies – VoIP, Power over Ethernet, voicemail and fax server capabilities.

Additionally CAS owing to its long term relationship and knowledge of the building and network infrastructures has assisted the Church bodies to introduce third party tenants into the framework of the system.

  • design, specification and tender analysis for:
    • a 5-site wide area network, network hubs, routers and switches
    • a CAT5/CAT’e’ cabling scheme covering two large premises containing 5000 outlets
    • replacement telephony systems at 5 sites with over 800 extensions and associated network connectivity
  • project management of the above cabling, WAN, IT equipment and telephone systems as separate, but parallel projects using a central CAS project director with selected project support for the various disciplines

The projects are, at present, in the implementation stages.