National Probation Service, London

Telecommunications Audit for Probation Service

CAS began working with North East London Probation Service (NELPS) to undertake a telecommunications review. The steps that followed the initial CAS recommendations have been:

  • OJEC specification and evaluation processes
  • Negotiations and discussions with NELPS’ senior management and the chosen supplier, Cable and Wireless, to implement a managed service across 17 sites (Centrex)
  • Project management and co-ordination including: – initial contract negotiations – planning for the rollout of services to meet NELPS’ operational requirements – wayleave planning and implementation – controlling all project meetings and issuing meeting notes – reviews with the supplier for the service level agreement – budget control

The project has not yet been completed and CAS is assisting with the final steps of the rollout that will be followed by workshops with staff to ensure that the best business benefits are realised.