IT & Comms Migration – Dungeness A Power Station

Over more than a two-year period CAS has been working with the Magnox South team at Dungeness A, Power Station as an integral part of the decommissioning team. This is a socially significant project as well as being a technically demanding one.

The ICT infrastructure within the site is particularly complex. This is due to the size of the campus, with its multitude of buildings and diverse routing. Also because of the mix of technologies in operation.

Part of the decommissioning process necessitated setting up an alternative office accommodation block adjacent within the perimeter to house the 400 staff that had to be decanted, before most of the site can be handed over to contractors.

The works involved the planning, design and installation of new external cabling routes, internal structured cabling. And finally, the installation of a new voice switch which will make for faultless branch transfer of all incoming calls to one single number. All services and numbers were transferred to ensure a seamless changeover as possible.

CAS was primarily responsible for the IT and Comms planning and migration, which was reviewed and agreed by the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) and DBERR (Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform), but carried out under CAS project management during its two year implementation.

There were the inevitable problems with protracted negotiations to obtain the correct external services. An unforeseen contingency was the need to protect the unique habitat of the endangered Sussex Emerald Moth. Despite these temporary setbacks the project ran smoothly, within budget and on time to the satisfaction of all parties.

CAS worked with Magnox South exploring other opportunities to exploit the skills and talents of the CAS team. Further telecommunications consultancy was provided, including but not exclusively:

  • Development of project scope
  • Development of project budget
  • Gate (phase) documentation before each new phase of the process
  • Identification of infrastructure needs including copper and fibre services and main building structured cabling
  • Development of data migration plans for the people move
  • Implementing people move migration plans
  • Overseeing of sub-contractor works including works visits and quality control
  • Interface with BT contractor to develop shift of service migration plans
  • Implementing shift migration plans
  • The high quality of our chosen supplier meant that they delivered all documentation deliverables ahead of the agreed schedule.

The people migration plan was delivered to the agreed schedule with each move minimising disruption to staff.

Testimonial from Tom Richley – Client Project Manager:

“In all cases CAS met and exceeded the requirements and performance with regards to the contract specification

  • The nominated contract project person was extremely capable and responsive
  • Close out meetings were held at appropriate stages ensuring lessons were learned

CAS provided a professional and dedicated service for the works specified.”