London Stock Exchange

Telecomms Services and Dealing Floors for the London Stock Exchange

Over a number of years, CAS has provided various communications services to the Stock Exchange, the key project related areas are:

  • specification, evaluation and project management of the new PABX service which when installed had 800 extensions and grew to around 5,000 (MD110 PABX)
  • project management of a new main exchange (SystemX) for the broking community, replacing the redundant STX service (20,000 lines)
  • development of STX services to the broking community
  • new 250 position dealerboard system for the Stock Exchange market floor used by all member firms
  • management of the Stock Exchange voice and data support services through the big bang period with full testing and setup routines for:
    • dealer board system for the market floor
    • testing of new routes on the SystemX (STX) and MD110 PABX network
  • communications infrastructure and intersite circuits to support the market price services (TOPIC, SEAQ and settlement services systems)
  • delivery of all voice and data desktop services to the 5000 Stock Exchange support staff spread across 14 buildings in the central city area including moves of staff (approx 1000 moves per month)
  • consultancy services to the Stock Exchange wider share ownership and options market department.
  • consultancy services to many broking firms and banking institutions such as J.P. Morgan, UBS, Cazenove, Lehman Brothers) for the setting up of dealing floors.

One of the current CAS directors was employed by the Stock Exchange for 5 years and held a senior management position in the information systems division.