Central Laboratory of the Research Council

CAS was awarded the consultancy assignment with CLRC to:

  • assist with the OJEC notice and evaluation of responses
  • prepare specification of requirements for a 3000 line, 4 site PABX network
  • produce evaluation criteria which stands up to OJEC guidelines and conduct the evaluation, supplier presentations etc
  • provide advice in a number of areas such as voice networking, ISDN provision, voicemail and integration of databases
  • prepare for the project management phase and provide necessary support

The main site at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell has provided an opportunity for CAS to apply its experience with campus environments. The site requires for a distributed system along with widely available ISDN at the desk, all of which have been carefully considered during the project to date. This is a current project at the supplier award phase and CAS has an ongoing involvement with CLRC for the implementation phases.