Bankers Trust

Voice Service Project Management

The Bankers Trust has retained CAS to project manage the provision of a new voice services platform based on British Telecom Meridian systems. The work has included planning for:

  • a new network numbering scheme
  • the best use of network service providers, network resilience and contingency planning
  • call management systems platform and integration with new systems and networks
  • changeover for MD110 PABX network to Meridian PABX network

CAS has on behalf of Bankers Trust, undertaken the lead project management role, liaising with Bankers Trust communications management, British Telecom and other network providers. Communications with the market floor at Bankers Trust has been a key issue throughout the planning stages, with the rollout of the new services imminent. CAS has concentrated on ensuring current trading systems are meeting minimal description (dealer boards are IPC, recently upgraded).